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More Food Begin Manufacturing Indulgent, Vegan Friendly Cakes

More Food, part of the Cake Brands group, have recently began manufacturing wholesale vegan products for foodservice and retail customers, with production starting in July 2018 following extensive product development and research.

It it crucial that that factory, which is BRC graded, follows strict segregation for manufacturing vegan products to ensure minimal or no cross contamination of any animal related products. All manufacturing areas are swabbed and texted to ensure no traces of animal proteins are present in the manufacturing area before starting to manufacture vegan product lines. All ingredients are sourced from BRC certified companies and declared vegan friendly.

A recent launch with a major UK high street pharmacy of an own label point of sale bar uses dark Belgian chocolate within the frosting to enhance the rich flavour and give a point of difference to standard vegan chocolate cakes available on the market: an indulgent quality.

Another similar recent launch includes a vegan banana loaf cake which is a foodservice product for a national coffee shop chain which uses fresh bananas.

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