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More Food Host Tasting Session in Local Waitrose Store

More Food have recently held a tasting session in their local Chichester Waitrose store, showcasing the lines they currently stock with the supermarket.

The team at More Food presented their classic Victoria sponge cake, Chocolate Fudge cake and Butterscotch & Pecan traybake from their retail line, as well as their popular Rainbow cake and Crushed Ginger & Lemon Mini Panettone cake which are sold in the patisserie counter/café within the store.

Over 250 taster portions of cake were consumed by shoppers who gave positive feedback, saying they loved the cakes and many heading over to the patisserie counter to purchase them. The overall favourite cake of the day was the Crushed Ginger & Lemon Mini Panettone, with customers choosing this

The team also spoke to Waitrose customers about their celebration cake range, with awareness being raised that these can be ordered online for branch collection.

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